Friday, July 23, 2021

Free cure for lymph nodes related cancer without extra costs and problems

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I regretfully have to state for many of you involved that as you alone stated might have enjoyed very much having me around under MK Ultra as you repeated me over the course of the years(thank me verbally for many things), but in my reality in which I was sidelined from the right to existence of any kind, you were a part of problem for which you knew very well I had no chances to go against under given circumstances - not solution. 

Anyhow - hope this will help you many others perhaps facing lymph nodes cancer related dilemmas....and keep concentrated on target you do want to accomplish(primary don't violate explained in video) meaning also don't pile large supplies inside of your fridges unless your house is as safe as bank safe - keep food supplies on safer place than your laptops/jewelry. 

Under MK Ultra I was also known as waterman...because I demanded water around me all the time...something they protested against till they built even private ponds on their properties realizing I was right about water importance too - Dwayne Johnson example. In Belarus non existing artificial lake creation technology became advanced as a result. I was simply DEAD(thats why f*** you and your "help" because of which I lost life - 26 years) right.

Nope, I still have no respect for laziness, awkwardness - no respect whatsoever for incompetence ACTING to coverup REAL INCOMPETENCE AND OBTAIN REASON FOR REAL POISONING AFTER TORTURING AND INDIVIDUAL(TURNING YOURSELF INTO VICTIMS STRATEGY BY ACTING STUPID AFTER THEY ENGAGED IN TORTURE FOR THE SAKE OF "RETALIATION" ISSUES). They were all victims on a first place(after they tortured) and they remain as human shit in my mind even today. Dehumanization process(lie atop of the lie to protect initial liar and his her lie technology), you see, is like systematic use of poison(TILL REAL CHRONIC CANCER IS DEVELOPPED) / no wonder one also was used to support one. Joe Biden who served since beginning at the top of the US Government gave all support possible to Russian for issues involving poisoning in this very case...look no further from Joe(let me cite him, "DIE IN PAIN AND IN VAIN") when it comes to cancer related issues. 

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