Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Borut Pahor along Ursula von der Leyen claimed me how I must sell Chinese imported tablet as fast as possible as soon import taxes will go back to old VAT import taxation

 Therefore no more 35Euros flat on value up to 150 Euros, but back to old taxation...anyhow, you will see. They lauged alot on destruction of laptop and purchase of Chinese tablet issue, but all in all it was Germans who managed to push me away from EBAY into tablet purchase via AliExpress from China. I will demonstrate you how Ebay accomplished just that. People's Republic of China a so called communist state was/is in total agreement with West in respect to my case just as I stated. Collected money(bribe) for the sake of crime against foreign individual which even supported one. Not about communism or capitalism or even nazism as you se...its more about what methods used and behind which of mentioned political brands, the system(state) is hiding its real face.

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