Monday, July 19, 2021

The latest poisoning(I must admit) from 7 days ago, left me with a lots of initial pain all over the chest - lymph nodes

The only thing I remember from MK Ultra was a Slovenian police who even told me will plant poison inside of plastic container where I would store coffee upon return from Poland if I would bring one with me...they were very very specific about it as far as dictating me not to wash one as poison would be glued on the bottom of container. And well since I ran out of coffey and there was cofee inside of container I rinsed one up to consume whatever coffee I purchased in Slovenia  I as a result got next to severe pain the next day news about Mark Hoppus - mother knew all about it a and begun to talk about my lymph nodes even that I never ever have spoke to her about them in life time. It was not coincidence American side displayed article as was American side which fantasized along Russian Slovenian tremendously a lot about cancer related issues for which London royals anticipated would force me systematically into world of self isolation - self care due to explained....Germans and others didn't mind poisoning let me be clear. Go figure out whom to blame as we live in a cancer scorn culture - not only poisoning with cancer culture, but scorn for cancer/spine related issues.

In Poland, poisoning/directed energy attacks/ attacks were trusted to Polish police - in Czech republic it was Czech police and in Slovakia it was handed to Slovak police and so on...police got drug dealers in this MK Ultra case which one even trusted to handle in a big way - they use those for action to very today and to wash its image and to destroy me if I would somehow associate with them...but all in all - entire crime was handled by police. Reminding myself about Ales Hojs who had me brought to Belgrade straight into Serbia mafia hands time and again during MK now difficult to understand what went/goes on by whom/how.

Other guys brought coffee from Poland with them too - not the same was done to me(to none of them), but I was promised here stated will be the case - infact guaranteed I will have the good reason to spend money on by Slovenian police(Milan Kucan - Borut Pahor) alone...

MK Ultra candle brain fucking(promised by momma case will be) is obligatory ritual style that followed and continue to follow up on me...its hard to concentrate on issues - confusing if I recall Lukashenko who insisted on how I will have to detect where poison is hidden...

I am not looking for your compassion - I just want you to look yourself in a mirror to see what you created.

@Mark Hoppus and his owners - go fuck yourself you useless Buckingham palace Trumpet Obama Biden Bush Putin warm/parasite. You never lived, but I did and it doesnt really even matter how.

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