Thursday, July 15, 2021

As I walked past farmers' house located in center of Novo mesto city, farmer involved in MK Ultra releases two Rottweilers on me from his home

Step #1 - police disables me audio recorder infront of police station where I stop for few minutes(to adjust belt with pouch) on my way home.
Step #2 - two Rottweiler launch on me(released from house) and bark from very up close for some 5 minutes as I go past farm which is not fenced. Farmer who has more cameras than a police station next door in his possession, acts funny even suggesting on how he could take from me(confiscate me) phone for recording one...

His dogs are extremely well trained(was guaranteed by police alone) and according to my memory older dog(female) is probably even 10 years or close to 10 years old...I, however, am not his first victim and dislike this type of attitude for which he promised me will be used to asses my mental state...from his closest neighbors to few other residents who came across with this individual, people are unhappy. I will take action for that matter. 

Sign he is referring to red "Object(either a fenced property or closed space) is protected by dogs".


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