Saturday, July 17, 2021

Involved in MK Ultra but not fair procedure

Hurah everything arround him was involved in MK Ultra hurah

So many photos so many proofs OR ARE THEY PROOFS !!???? Proofs or hurdle !!???

Proofs if he manages to prove case(already proven beyond anything possible) yet SILENCED, and YUGE HURDLE when considering where I was locked and by whom was persecuted - statement about involved individual seen here rather question "if trully" involved - one questions credibility thus does more damage than good...and I use here written to rate from my side "help" from GB in this case - West. Its not as it seams or as royal heads from London try to portray my reality as...internet is aboundadt of proofs sure, but those do very little close to nothing for me. Anyways, thanks google.

If I throw you inside of asylum and rate you as insane, internet even if packed with proofs will do very little to nothing for you - if anything could be even a great psychological hurdle. Burdain mounted atop of your head while searching endlessluy for employment as insane and rated as insane and handicapped. But as I stated - London royals know better.

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