Monday, July 19, 2021

Lennox Lewis was a real friend during MK Ultra - I could almost say the two of us were a soulmates

 He was pleasant and sensitive to be around. No one I looked forward to be more arround under MK Ultra than Lennox Lewish. Friendship ended in 2001 at Miami Beach - Oceanside after his wife exercised as a precosious step a barage of lies - she did so because she feared I will take Lewis away from her and foremost because of females which advised her about my past during which according to them(I probably did) I have done same to other females. I trully loved Lennox Lewis. She latter tried to make it up realising wrongdoing, but it was all too late from my side. Lennox in 2001/2002 took her side.

Still, Lennox Lewis was the most innocent boxing figure involved in world of MK Ultra concerning my case...he followed up on me in 2017 as his photos on Facebook are photos from 2017 unless(he had professional photographers along) he repeated those in 2020 for whomever to cloud my credibility...

He does have agood wife and irony was she totally misunderstood me in 2001 - I actually deemed she was a good catch, but not after she turned agianst me...she had a super nasty female advisor - fake friend if you ask me. That friend whoever was hated me.

Regards to all

p.s. @Lewis - perhaps you even hate me today because of Tyson and others, but there is nothing we can do in respect to past - truth is truth. Dignity as you know is priceless. Best thing is to stay away not get involved in it(don't) - I wish you the best.

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