Wednesday, July 28, 2021

2 meters tall 120kg sports individual(got status of sportsman inside of metal hospital) who chopped mother in pieces and stored her inside of the fridge and became my roommate inside of the psychiatric Ljubljana hospital

 was involved in MY PERSONAL MK Ultra case since 2000 and rated due to his support for me as a nazi. Based on famous "philosopher" Slavoj Žižek involved in my MK Ultra with Ljubljana's psychiatric stuff inside of our garage in 1999 or so when play with axes commenced(they dreamed about how I will ax family members and have introduced axes in MK Ultra game as they referred to one), I can assume exactly what too place with individual and his mother. HE TOO LIKE FATHER HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH LIGHT INTERESTING ENOUGH WHEN TAKING THOSE DRUGS...LIGHT BOTHERS HIM AND WAS VERY AGRESSIVE AT TIMES WHEN INSIDE OF THE ROOM WITH ME BECAUSE OF WHAT HE CLAIMED WAS LIGHT(thats why he was inside of the room with me - aggressive weight lifter who took at the same time heavy psychiatric drugs inside of the psychiatric hospital and real drugs outside of the psychiatric hospital - they have had indirect crack suppliers in vicinity of hospital)...

Doctor Mudža was his psychiatrist also during his MK Ultra sessions...

As far as axes - I shoved them a middle finger just as I did to FBI in 1997 when they got an idea on how I could be trained to become a terrorist. Both variations as designated by two governments somehow didn't fit my idea of life....BEASTS !!!

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