Sunday, July 25, 2021

Dissemination of lies against me via torture in front of memorials dedicated to Slovenian partisans, classifies in my view Russian issue into the category of WORST OF THE WORST crimes.

 Ruining me on global level via lies/torture to degree of institutionalizing one to exercise top physical torture against one does not apologize/excuse what Putin attempted to use(same case as with Sergei) for his crime. Although Russian girl was beautiful, its not the same thing, but exactly the opposite. Same category as Russians who tortured engaged in idiotic behavior to be acknowledged as such and could further lie against me - and torture...

Totally different from Britney if real on a first place...

The one who will lay down infront of Putin to protect one from truth in respect to this case will go down in same fashion as nazis did on a Russian way to Berlin during WWII. 

I would be even interested in learning about Russian girl if real - but don't even think about Putin.

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