Sunday, July 25, 2021

Not only British/ Spaniards/ Italians/ Americans - I have to say Polacks, Russians, including mother/father in Slovenia/niece etc. all knew about Britney Spears' secret which I don't mind if real, but if one is fake

 Its nothing more than a waste of time and worse - Russians claimed me with almost identical issue waiting on me in Moscow as Britney Spears did....just a bit confused about it all. No doubt, underground MK Ultra scenario book in respect to this case was/is and will remain bestseller for privileged portions of global societies - its not about whether this case was/is real or if one was monitored George Orwell alike...

Britney supposedly was American/British response on Russian issue(if real at all) to which, however, I never ever agreed with and was done against my will Just as the case was with everything else. Moreover, it could have also been Amero British cover-up operation for Russian issue as they worked and work together as one therefore reducing the crime nature of Putin's team.

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