Saturday, July 31, 2021

Yesterday's trip to nowhere whyich had cost 20 Euros and a losss of three days with idea to remind of what psychiatrc hospital(he had one under complete control along Milan Kucan) was again organised by Borut Pahor

As I stated, in 1995 West declared on Slovenia war with its presence inside of the Slovenia itself.

At this point and time, Borut Pahor and West continue to push(DELAY) forward chosen/selected options which fit their best interests ALL IN VAIN FOR NOTHING.

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Borut Pahor had Slovenian psychiatric stuff carefuly analyse my MK Ultra urges as per car selection for what I was often told no Alfa Romeo 156, no Fiat Stilo, no Renault Megan(1996 - 2002) or Renault Laguna, Seat Toledo, Opel Vectra, VW passat to all other cars which appealed to you as every one of them is a lemon waiting on your arrival.

All prorated via forced unemployment which took place to keep me in low budget range and redirected into compulsory car search - depression.

We can say Ljubljana's psychiatric institution(same with Maribor and Vojnik) is Borut Pahor's private property.

UDBA assasin came up with idea that he will do all ths for me to become stronger and if I wouldn't upon purchasig failiures immedately find mysef outside exercising it woul be nothing with me...this is not even a human being. Nor animal nor human being with his mentor Milan Kucan. Blamed me further that he has a cancer prolems because of me for what I would have to die in pain and so on and son. Borut Pahor okay.

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