Saturday, July 17, 2021

Mike Tyson and myself separated in MK Ultra 1999, but it was Obama wo brough garbage back on picture in 2001/2002 claiming on how I will be saved thanks to Mike etc...

I had a bad relationship with Obama alone back then - it was noting but a pack of hyenas which lied simultaneously with what went on against me whenever brought to eastern Europe for torture. It was people like Nicholas Cage who would claim will save me from them by pushig me into their hands and demanding from me to submit(surrender) my soul in hands of evill - or that I can't be saved and so on...these people were creating drammas inside of Hollywood - built/manufactured nothing but lies for which movie scenarisrs wrote scenarios. Number one writter of my dramma was no other than Steven Spielberg. Involved in case since 1995.

In 2001/2002, I questioned brazen/criminal attitude of Obama alone on how he who acted violently/criminally toward me inserted back someone who hurt me so much as solution to crime against me...


Mike Tyson did everything one could have done to CLOUD his past in respect to my MK Ultra case and would only observe eversince with some insane gestures in which one would involve a lots of drug scenarios(from his farm to other locations - and off course discrimination scenarios as guilt was the main instrument) - had tremendous appetite to get me on drugs, but I was into police job and have rejected his offers time and again. My goal remained throughout my entire stay in US to become a police officer for which job I know would do excellent work as one. Serve real needs of poeple not lies/crime.

Rescue missions operate in a form of throwing victims in a mouths of enemy(at enemy's mercy) and harm one from both sides as much as possible to degree one endsup broken emotionally sick physically, so he serves to whomever's appetites as a plant. Not a human being.

I call this ulimate crime - betrayal - holodomor x 100(extra food is used for one to supress his/her own extraordinary depression circumstances which in this case last 26 years already trying to prove me wrong and wrong was/is for me as is evident to be born not so much as to be "alive" - its obesity that is used instead of starvation, but main principles are same with extermination as final goal).

In this great American sale, however, Putin remained empty handed - worse....its a sale United States of America couldn't complete ever !!! American betrayal(sale) ended with total defeat !!! 

That much about your democrazy and Black Lies Mater movement and US Democratic party.

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