Monday, July 26, 2021

To be completely precise with psychiatrist Peter Kapš

 He became extremely abusive inside of our residence(inside house). Kapš attempted to intimidate me under MK Ultra with use of violence and on few occasions next to threats and intimidations did used one against me, however, his violence outside of the house produced at Trska Gora in year 2005 as my reaction on his repeated intimidation a physical attack attempt on him which I repeated perhaps twice more infront of others(it worked) till individual was removed from MK Ultra - they did removed violent criminal for perhaps even two years on what he apologized and was despite my protest injected back into MK Ultra program in what I believe was 2007. 

This individual and myself under MK Ultra, however, did ran into one another with fists. He understood as first psychiatrist, I will not go down as easily as it might seemed and according to his agenda as big and strong as one tried to look infront of me - understand he even had success with some other individual(more than one) or perhaps they tried along my father to use one to intensify intimidation - he was rated by other mental health professionals as aggressive and rather primitive physical unfit for job...

Despite him trying to act different under MK Ultra since, I refused to have one anywhere near me...hated one involved anywhere in any scenario - they involved one in car purchase issues since and again there was nothing but insane problems with criminal for whom other psychologists and psychiatrists deemed had chosen totally wrong field of work....

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