Friday, July 16, 2021

Mike Tyson has another daughter(much older than Lorna Tyson) or was simply using a random female which, however, very much looked as future Lorna Tyson

 Crime he committed with what supposedly was his daughter Lorna Tyson was in 1996 - in 1997, Mike Tyson laughed at me under MK Ultra stating me on how I will never ever be capable to win him inside of the ring...on my question why, he answered with, "because of that thing which took place in Belgrade...lymph nodes". 

Also didn't make sense to me that woman which substituted whomever he used in 1996 turned fat(obese) so fast - within one year or so....he, however, insisted in continuation it was Lorna Tyson - his daughter and one insisted me(became heavily involved in MK Ultra) on how she would reveal whole thing if I would be nice to her daddy...Mike Tyson is evil as f****. Pure evil which would drive me to his cannabis farm and on islands where he would insisted on my trying - pointing and accusing me racism for declining to have anything with drugs...

Tyson had his version of how he would liberate me from blame(involved his circle incl. Oprah) via as I stated was his daughter Lorna Tyson because of whom he pledged would save me...this individual is a bag of lies. Really really talented liar.

Interesting about Tyson was his involvement into my case of Serena Williams - he claimed for her I must marry and have kids because she looks like him(has same DNA)...meaning that he targeted females suitable for me according to his opinion based on his own look.

Not that Serena Williams is a bad looking lady anyways...but in 1996, Mike Tyson made me commit myself to a female marriage wise that very very much looked as Lorna Tyson...I really didn't plan on marriage just yet and not with black lady, but I did totally committed myself to her on what she exploded in weight for what Tyson diabolically told me how I have to win him in ring first and then that he did something to her and not to tell as he would have family problems...diabolical dude this Mike Tyson.

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