Thursday, July 29, 2021

IF THEY ARE SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS, THEN WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HITLER: From greater frame(zooming out), I concluded for thing to be nothing more than German politic

I don't think I would get to video record Chinese AliExpress violating laws/regulations, talk about Polish crime where Jesus Christ is for sale, nor would we witness under normal circumstances Lukashenko crises... talk all you want with proofs(the more about poisoning the better) at hand per what took place as there is someone who coordinates all this and pays for it all ;) 

Germany eventually implicated in its war black mercenaries(from Mike Tyson to Dwayne Johnson, Obama etc.) from lines of so called Black Lives Matter movement - meaning one is literately engaging in war via human rights issues against human rights issues and managed to trigger American minorities in taking political stands based on well aware lies against foreign nations - not only own citizens.

Yeah, Hitler did a whole a lots of damage during the WWII to German reputation and above does make sense if you are to improve the worst of the worst state that ever existed - nazi Germany. Above stated doesn't, however, stop with stated - pan goes beyond but whichever way one goes in direction as is heading - it can't hurt German politic.

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