Thursday, July 22, 2021

I have seen white neonazis working very very well along/next to black neonazis and vice versa PROTECTING ONE ANOTHER AGAINST smaller defenseless - felt hatred as its lies climbed on me from all possible sides

 Against smaller Slovenian national. They worked as one when it came to lies/cover-up and this is not what our grandfathers/grandmas fought for during WWII. Its not what post WWII peace treaties signed by nations globally adhered and/or adhere too. Instead of one problem we faced 75 years ago, problems doubled even into Black Lies Matter.

Black or white nazi(HATER) - its same s*** to me. Boot on your throat and squash one just as was done 75 years ago. 

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Proud Slovenian(a real minority, but not the one you will delete just as easily) here !!!

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