Thursday, July 15, 2021

They did talked to me about developing B-cell lymphoma(they also had other options open), Mark Hoppus was involved in MK Ultra - but

 I really don't care. Related to

Best time in life I had inside of old non drivable Skoda Felicia which I used in Bohumin area for place to sleep. Away from maniacs felt good like never before. Its amazing how little human needs to feel good despite having broken spine and cancer was best time in my life(age almost 50 - then you know people involved over the course of 26 years were beasts not even animals) / not lying.

Radiated via smart meters alike as I am and poisoned here and then as was promised case will be, its the most idiotic(self denying) thing I would do to help at those who did and do this. F*** that.

If I lock you into torture cells where you were brought for over 23 years with idea for you to revive torture, you too would love worst car option...yes, you would.

To buy old car just to die in peace away from human trash could be best investment you have done in your life will die with smile in your face.

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