Monday, July 30, 2018

Very long, but very very successful day

Water meter(ordered as new from ebay) also arrived opened(have video recorded this fact) and broken. My neighbor Kolenc insisted under MKULTRA on how I should go and purchase aquarium water tester like the one he has for his fish(does he still have aquarium or if he ever had one I have no clue) instead. This water tester, however(arrived one month and ten days ago) was again exchanged or repaired and may be again working(same was the case with both cameras - idea was to make me say publicly something and then again burglarize my room and change item).

My parents only drink carbonated water from the store and one with high blood pressure shouldn't drink one, but I took chance - since yesterday.

Today, I spent 3 hours on hot sun(close to 30 degrees Celsius going from house to house with my fliers) drinking nothing but carbonated water and there was NO high blood pressure

I have ZERO sound in my head meaning that water is beyond contaminated with chemicals in our home. 

They talked about extra tank being added to housing water supply under MKULTRA from which chemicals would be released excessively whenever needed.

After almost 10 months, I am high blood pressure free thanks to carbonated water(was also free already once for two weeks as you know because I avoided directed energy attacks with use of aluminum cans - now I know how to handle combination of both more or less - there is no way for me to avoid laptop's radiation which is wayyyyy too much and also must go to police).

It was strange that my father who ate pills for high blood pressure would drink only carbonated didn't make any sense to me, but it does now.

Why also I have made an mistake about chlorine in water...
What you see here also created panic among Americans in our house(2002/2003), but its just calcium reach water.

The worst factor of all is for one to witness about MKULTRA while being attacked with ruined electronic equipment, directed energy weapons and even chemicals(and pedo family along with psychiatrists and police and so on)...YOU GET IT !!????? 

Not a joke here !!!

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