Monday, July 30, 2018

NATO IS IN BED WITH RUSSIA(totally) !!! Vladimir Putin is a neonazi fascist beast just as Russia became fascist state

Don't you guys who are quietly hiding behind red stars(communist symbols) and are watching silently what is happening feel a bit embarrassed !!??????

Here is yet another proof of MKULTRA - fact for which I was told will be the case is the case...
Germany is not only financing Russian war against Eastern Europe by purchasing oil from one, they also decline to release Leopard 3 model - Russian tanks are way faster what Putin rationalized me is important when taking over larger territories(UKRAINE) and can hit on distance of 7 km(technology given to Russians by USA/Germany/GB - possibly even France) and would deliberately not release same for own tanks...meaning that NATO leaders DELIBERATELY stall/sabotage own members and allies...


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