Saturday, July 21, 2018

I have worked very hard past two days with idea to obtain physical audio/video recordings in respect to my MKULTRA

Just want to say that I will NOT accept them either from family(neighbor Kolenc even suggested that would offer them via father - same will not be accepted also from my cousin from Austria who was involved often times), will NOT accept them from anyone affiliated to ex communist party or who has any sort of ideas(appetites) about return of Yugoslavia - this is because communists involved in the case did nothing but assist in torture and have in the end of MKULTRA even came up with idea to suggest on how they would get me those proofs for less money than what I would pay local individual who built himself a castle(I see this as ultimate corruption and total betrayal - heaviest insult possible). I will NOT accept them from any politician either if one was involved in ordeal(Andrej Šiško gestured that I would be placed in mental hospital and conditioned with tapes - I do NOT want them).

I will also NOT accept them from any Serb or Russian national and I bet you understand why.

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