Friday, July 20, 2018

Will probably have physical proofs(audio/video) about MKULTRA online today/tomorrow and arrested criminal president Belgrade Borut Pahor by Monday.

From various sources and not only one...people replicated political events, so it shouldn't be such a problem....Vucic sent me couple of terrorists involved in abductions(have them employed in local Renault factory to report him personally) as they no longer can even hide behind lies(meaning that Slovenian and Belgrade terrorists now openly admit crime)

I am eager to clean up home and area around one to have normal life(will not be only Pahor who will depart to prison).
Psychiatrists are trying to have effect on my judgement via gimmicks, but I am using this opportunity to instead escalate claim even further and this on how tree seen in the background was also there in 2005/2006...I didn't mention this fact in the past. Rain which we received within past few days here was ridiculous and wouldn't even move tree as you have seen on my video documentary(we had much bigger storms already ad tree remained in place - once I place one on documentary, tree is gone in a day/two to counter my claims).

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