Thursday, July 26, 2018

Novi letaki v Slovenskem jeziku - new flyers - just more work, but it will pay off big time

I printed them today at the local postal office(I demonstrate just to make sure, so no one will come up with idea that I am distributing something else to the people)....
Printed today in Novo mesto's postal office. Natisnjeno danes na pošti Slovenije.

Gremo naprej...nič kakor so politikanti in njihovi mešetarji načrtovali...naprej v odlični formi in na vsakem koraku.
They will be distributed to local factories Renault and Krka. Qlandia, and so on...have done a lot on area between Otočec and Novo mesto and city center of Novo mesto(Glavni Trg) as well as Slatnik-Smolenja vas area...
Got feeling lots of people wanted to hug me(lots of good people watched MKULTRA ordeal).

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