Monday, July 30, 2018

For Slovenian taxpayers

Milan Kučan gestured me on how they have successfully transferred wealth(have stolen about 40 billion USD from Slovenian taxpayers) to Serbia sometimes in 2005-2006(when I returned officially back in end of 2006, Janez Janša was riding arround in helicopter with his 30 years younger fiance)

Milan Kučan have even posted his own police officer in Novo mesto police(may be his relative) to self assure on how I will not mention his name in respect to this very case - is from Celje and is one of the investigators(if you say something against me, he will be the one taking care of you").

They also had me tortured in psychiatric hospital Maribor thanks to Danilo Turk.

I am repulsed by fact that Slovenian national resistance which member I am was the most viscous against me under MKULTRA - was brought to to castle(near psychiatric hospital) near mental hospital Ljubljana Polje where Zoran Janković bragged me on how I will do exactly as told and if not how am dead(how he knows Putin personally etc.).

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