Friday, July 20, 2018

Pahor and Šarec dreamed about new chetnikoslavia(what grand Serbia or Yugoslavia used to be), but it was all in vain for nothing

I am interested in Belgrade just as in last year snow. Yugoslavia was a Serbian gulag where Croats, Slovenes, Bosniacs, Kosovo people, and Macedonians(traumatized due to Serbian aggression to the point when are even willing to go under Greece to avoid again Serbia) were nothing more than prisoners of great Serbia. 

Pahor and Šarec dared to threaten me with abduction to Serbia and with use of doppelganger in my Novo mesto home, so my claim(demand for arrest of Pahor) will also be escalated on Šarec(criminal whop also was involved and have tortured under MKULTRA).

As far as Yugo died after WWII and have turned into passion for hatred - red coated nazism/fascism(red gestapo no different from one we see in Moscow where Russians who murdered 15 million Ukrainians and numerous Poles cream Russophobian presence in Ukraine...and they claim Russophobia issue even after murdering over 10.000 Ukrainians in war and during occupation in Crimea/Donetsk).

Further, it wasn't Ukrainians or Poles who received military equipment from traditional neonazi family known as Bush family(they assisted even Adolf Hilter during war as crazy as it may sound), but instead Vladimir Putin. Putain also obtained military technology which he used and attempts to use even further for assault on Ukraine from London's royals and Germany which is financing war against Ukraine(Eastern Europe) TODAY by purchasing Russian oil.

Its nowhere written that victim of yesterday can't become oppressor of today or tomorrow and such is the truth about Russia, Serbia, and even Slovenia where we natives are murdered.

Borut Pahor also brainwashed locals between 1998 and 2006 on how there is nothing we can change...he insisted on how we should juts live and let go since there is nothing we can do(you are up for a surprise Belgrade and Russia is all I can say)...let them move in our houses(marry them and watch our people die left and right)...

Vucic also gestured that he would be even willing to step down if I would express interest in Sebian politics - I DO NOT EXPRESS INTEREST OTHER THAN FOR YOU TO KEEP AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM SLOVENIA AND CROATIA(all ex republics - even Montenegro can't stand you).

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