Monday, July 30, 2018

According to Dr. Bornstein in 2006, MKULTRA ended with my going to some other European country(most likely Poland) where I was also destroyed by system

Neighbor Miroslav Berger gestured to Dr. Bornstein on how I do have time two days when receiving letter and Dr. Bornestin gestured me on how I should still try to obtain proofs therefore...

Dr Bornstein also gestured me repeatedly on how I will state his involvement on case which he will simply decline.

Either way, I am dead walking man.

Going forward with advertisement for MKULTRA proof is a no no in Slovenia for Slovenian government(too bad I didn't filmed myself under MKULTRA and too bad am not willing to deny my existence under such circumstances)

Slovenia is a murderous Kaliningrad #2 state

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