Friday, July 20, 2018

Great Putan Putanowich's plan for new USSR(this time it would be tsarist USSR) and Yugoslavia

Here is plan which great Russian Hitler have discussed with AmeroGerman allies(off course also imperial Buckingham palace) and its why they sponsored and continue to sponsor evil. 
Its not Poles or Ukrainians that slaughtered 15 million Russians, but instead the opposite despite fact that you don't get to read in main stream media other than lies about Poles and Ukrainians.

Wake up world before its gets all too late. We have treasoners in Washington DC - DO NOT COUNT ON OBAMA OR EVEN HILLARY.

Hillary will only bark but never do anything about it...Trump needs to be impeached and arrested immediately before he and other neonazi garbage(incl. brainwashed and braintarded Hollywood - few actors as well idiots involved in sports) cause even more damage. Over 10.000 murdered so far and in occupied Donetsk/Crimea, people were already greatly displaced/cleansed out and many even jailed...

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