Monday, July 30, 2018

National resistance of Slovenia(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) is for me national disgrace

There to murder(divide and even celebrate RussoSerbian chetnik movement against Slovenian natives - actually hide chetnik's movement behind red star while celebrating stolen from people's WWII victory) - not unite our people.
Note to Kaczynski who gestured me on how Poland will not help me if I mention name MILAN KUČAN....he didn't say what you see above because he risked anything, he said it because Tito wanted him to state as seen here as his politician. 

Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Slovakia etc. are today in war with Russia just as Serbia is in war with Slovenian and Croat(and Bosnian and Kosovo) people...

Wake the f*** up and go with facts and time(he even helped screw country big time)...what is bad for us is bad for your people too.

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