Saturday, July 14, 2018

Croatia already won soccer cup

I don't care about "who" in continuation...the one that have beaten Adolf Hitler in 1936 and corrupt tsar Putan Putanowich in 2018 is a historical winner. For me, Croatian soccer players are more than just soccer players...they are national and international heroes. Ukraine should give each honorable citizenship if nothing else...
This isn't about France, GB, Germany, Brasil, Italy or even Russia and Serbia...this was about turning soccer into political issues based on Russian Serbian aggression on weaker neighbors...same as the case was with Adolf Hitler in 1936 and Croatia made stop to all that.

Nobody can take away victory from Croatian players...this soccer cup belongs to them.

Good luck to all(I don't care who wins lol...according to my logic the one who deserves victory is the one who works more than others to earn one...I never cared about who would win, but this time I did...I would say let best one wins, but best one again was/is Croatian team).

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