Thursday, July 26, 2018

I have great videos coming, but can't do all at the same time...

Neighbor was so good that he repeated yet again stalking(yesterday) with use of direct energy weapons and I just happened to have detector turned on and have video recorded attack(followed me for about one kilometer and blasted me with radiation that went up to 20 microteslas).

Neighbor Dane Kolenc trained his son Matjaž Kolenc on use of such weapons and one knows about them even more(both are at home running "businesses" - they do part time or I should say along what was described on this news site).

Dane Kolenc became a trainer for others in field of these deadly weapons and I was suggested under MKULTRA on how he and his son will simply obtain new residence(with new names - new IDs) in Serbia if necessary via Serbian terrorist Aleksandar Vučič.

Lets see what will it be.

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