Monday, July 23, 2018

Have found location that blew over 528 microteslas

Thats about 5280 times more than what your laptop should radiate...
Radiation then almost disappeared - went down to 30 microteslas and so I think there is something inside of the wall(in garage under my room upstairs) that is remotely operated.

Have also realized that whenever I seat infront of laptop, my blood pressure explodes. There were several other locations on ground floor next to my room and right under kitchen where radiation blew to over 200 microteslas - from what should be temperature valves/readers/adjusters...have video recorded stuff and will give one police to Ljubljana so we can finish this case.

Individual who played with this stuff was Mitja Veber - niece's husband who gestured under MKULTRA also installation of some sort of electronic station into the wall in my room on first floor...

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