Monday, July 30, 2018

Psychiatrist Vesna Švab and her husband(also psychiatrist) just deeper and deeper in problems - totally lost in space


It started in the morning with mother who claimed to have received phone call from someone asking her on home number if they(she also clarifies that it was "she" and not "they":) should just take flyers to police station...

I couldn't understand irrational gestures - I have even placed my own telephone number on flier to make things easy for all...why would anyone bother with home number which wasn't even listed anywhere...mother who claimed to how she is concerned for me, changed tune to how she doesn't want to insult me and then she tried to insult me by calling me names etc...I knew immediately that "she" was psychiatrist Vesna Švab.

At about 1500 hours, I had small talk with niece's husband Mitja Veber who gestured me that murderer Valt Jurečič was his main teacher at Solski Center....nice, I don't mind him at all since all is audio recorded(also sarcastically asked me "since am so smart, why I don't go for politician" - the answer to that is because am not stupid - all the politicians went in politics for the sake of my case going in politics, however, would mean to lose one...politicians who made money in politics, exited world of politics sooner than latter).

And then it went on like this
I don't know just how many people I have met so far(A LOT - probably over 100 families), but I didn't have any issues yet as seen on this photo...people were so far all nice with me.

Don't try to claim otherwise as I audio record(and store audio recordings) EVERYTHING.

Vesna Švab gestured on how she will borrow my website to ruin me...well honey, knock yourself out with your hubby ;) Its all to make you happy.

All that is left for me to say is THANK YOU.

People have told me that Truman even visited Otočec as well as other important politicians...that Lojze Peterle(lady who was his schoolmate mentioned it) has a schoolmate in Smolenja Gora(just 1500 meters from here the most - Peterle was involved in MKULTRA and have witnessed ordeal - have done nothing about it just like other politicians - have even gestured me on how I will go to Israel) and was here...

Even that it is nice to share news like this with me, this things don't really help much folks...they have talked under MKULTRA on how they will even relocate me(to another city) for you to not have access to me. Time to come forward with tapes is now or never...I will not give your names out - will continue to distribute flyers to people even after I obtain proofs, so no one will know anything about when/who(nothing like Pahor and Russians gestured to quickly go and post them online)...

Thank you for your help.

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