Saturday, September 25, 2021

For audio recording Milan Kucan on multiple occasions, Norway pledged 2 billion USD to me in1997

 For beating up Lukashenko and his KGB in 2003, they started to "train me" boxing under MK Ultra imitated replicated and attempted to dedignify me of just as case was with every accomplishment. In 2010 Norwegian King who pledged 2 billion Dollars reward, however, told me under MK Ultra when I came to Norway to apply for asylum protection will get me instead locked into Ljubljana psychiatric hospital which promise he kept by paying official visit to Slovenia in 2011 during which visit he inspected psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje and got me locked in there via Milan Kucan friend Danilo Turk. Dodgery or coin$$$ spinning West did to me in return...thank you very much for your conscience. Very nice dealing with you.

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