Sunday, September 26, 2021

WILL NOT WORK FOR ANY WESTERN COMPANY TILL THIS CLAIM GETS THROUGH COURTS: I know that MEDTRONIC is in search for sales representative in Slovenia but my name is Avsec Boštjan

I think I made myself clear about this very case.

 Although, prince Harry claimed me in 2015 Norway didn't in his eyes discriminated against me and he in my place wouldn't see things like this and like that, I share deep anger feelings(have my own convictions about how West treated this case and have used one for) in respect to stated and proven on this website. So happy MEDTRONIC to you all.

Because I was already clear about Medtronic specifically and because you just somehow do not understand your wrongdoings is why. You instead accepting truth continue to engage in dialogue through violence.

That I lost 27 years waiting for your help like this - I can say only one can collapse and die from depression like in desert without water in three days. Using crime against me to extort through my struggle for bare life and then proofs obtain to blackmail opposite side for the sake of $$$$ and other geopolitical issues....

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