Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I mentioned Claudia Schiffer's video because of my supporting(approving quality), I understand, under MK Ultra only German companies and was disinterested in future buying

any other vehicles - its what doesn't make any sense, but imperial need to unite under one case and if even for totally fabricated lies did and some hope will still make sense. Related to 

Crying for equality to make more cash in your pockets also was song I had to listed night and day. People wished for and worked hard to be seen as discriminated against by me, so royals would jump in and secure them anywhere from loans to lucrative jobs.

Next to Audis, Volvos, BMW, Saabs etc. I also expressed deep interest for Alfa cars, Fiats - but no Japanese cars !!???? Well, I owned two Japanese cars and only one German whatever is that happened to MK Ultra Mazda's 626 etc....lie atop of the lie and what led even into Claudia Schiffer's video for which I was told will do one free of charge for France which cars I adhered since childhood since even Renault factory exited and exists in our city...psychiatric hospital dude needed extra hours and Pahor Kučan Putin Lukashenko team more lies.

William admitted as seen above explanation per why sadistic torture from their side, however, only represented portion of truth is disturbing video one must admit. Extremely disturbing from my point of view.

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