Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I am asking Slovenian police for surrender of videotapes on which my father jabbed me in kidneys during MK Ultra torture inside of our house

 Father was engaging in this practice next to Slovenian police and "friends" who engaged in conversation interrogation brainwash during which I had to stand up defenseless and during which my father as they trained one have dealed me occasionally jabs in kidneys(punches). Would come from the rear and then hit me from the side(disappeared and they took over so I wouldn't search for one inside of the kitchen and leaving room areas) what would agitate - not only hurt. Here mentioned practice which went on since 1995 to 2017(22 years whenever subjected to MK Ultra) was also used in local forests. Climax of Slovenian police perversion was reached in 2012(17 years after engaging already in most severe DIRECT PHYSICAL violence against me during MK Ultra) when father accused me among others(claimed I have communicated with German neonazis at night in German language as instructed by above mentioned) of physical violence against one(without a single trace of violence or proves for one) and whose claim was supported by police and judicial psychiatric system involved also in torture.

My father always was 5 foot tall small obese without almost single muscle individual(never exercised in his life time - his sport was fishing, hunting and physical work around house) whom, however, violence appeared since I was little. Once grown up, Slovenian government of Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor offered him against chance for violence against me which they extended even into psychiatric right to surveillance over me in 2012 and since.

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