Friday, September 24, 2021

Upon return from Gorjanci(Sveta Gera) same day, I got immediate taste for reality even after moving to a room next to mine

From one room to the other makes no difference, but I did avoided what otherwise became new normal. Video can be also at 

We don't even heat house yet. I avoided pain, however, by moving into this room yesterday.

Healthy food regardless will not beat cancer due to degree of radiation, but contributes overall. Less food and a place to sleep will do it - after 27 years easy to say, but not so easy to do even for young(you wouldn't last even a month in my booths and I know so because I was young once too) who never experienced harassment in life this house, however, there is no place to hide as was also told under MK Ultra case will be. They have ensured to cover every square inch.

Sveta Gera because I was allways welcome to Croatian chuirch which stands next to Slovenian Sveta Jera/Trdinov vrh - and physically tortured prior to church of Sveta Jera on Slovenian side even by individual who got state contract to erect one. NO MORE SVETA JERA NO MORE TRDINOV VRH FOR ME.

Sveta Gera yes - Trdinov vrh/ Sveta Jera never again. On Croatian side yesterday.
Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović exaplined me all about guy who got contract to build one prior to construction(was there) on Croatian side, so I should know all about it if asked...

Croatian Sveta Gera

Beautiful and effective(built to last) Croatian church.

And Slovenian Milan Kučan Ljubljana Polje's psychiatric madness with constructor who had to torture to get state contract from Borut Pahor.
Will never ever enter this Satanic ritual church which according to account was far more expensive to complete than beautiful and effective Croatian church. 


WANTED Beating video of Lukashenko interrogation in 2003 WANTED

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