Sunday, September 26, 2021

Girl from Arnhem who witnessed stated here can step forward

 Has home in exactly on map outlined area with as was told only small housing property in area. 

There was a lots of Dutch people on Sveta Gera yesterday, but this lady is priceless for me. Bye the way bold dude was always jealous(he got on few occasions under MK Ultra in my face all red ready to explode like tomato - angry ohh well blah blah) of me because of his wife hehehe and his stomach from what I have seen grew up too. Girl used to be a hippy in Amsterdam till I crossed her path in 2001/2002 and turned her life upside down and so on....

There is a map of portion of Arnhem she is from next to her nice husband. 

@my student Elon Musk - what you think about that !!???? Remember !!????

Related to 

Where Merkel loved to eat. Stayed also in vicinity. Will not tell where. I will not even state anything about Arnhem any more because I did found prime MK Ultra spot(most sensitive) of entire Holland as all involved in MK Ultra know. I wouldn't touch neighborhoods as per where and such because people wouldn't want this to happen not some other people involved from the top - even less.

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