Saturday, September 11, 2021

AUDIO IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE ONLY - Involved in MK ULTRA Car Citroen Picasso, family from nearby, neighbors, and more identified

One neighbor was involved in hunger games in Poland and ended as it appears with cancer problems to now day day...another neighbor originally from Ljubljana not on audio has a neighbor in Ljubljana(used to have) related to Milan Kucan - one got married into Kucan's family. Their daughter for whom I even point out went into school for 3 year hairdresser was to become my bride(I was interested first), but one looked just like Tatiana(Tania) from Belarus(became in real world even my girlfriend and whom I wanted to marry in 2017 when in Belarus) involved via Putin's team since 1996 and my view on Russians due to violence under MK Ultra consequently deteriorated so much that I declined to see her any longer...

Vladimir Putin - that is a disaster for Russia.

Milan Kucan panicked when one realized who very neighbor from this family was, but it was too late - they assured him not to worry that I will confuse and claim is part of his family but were wrong as NOTHING EVER ESCAPED MY ANALYTICAL SKILLS.

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