Tuesday, September 28, 2021

@Sleepy Joe in respect to closer EU and US allaince

 You are only 20 years late with news - behind reality and its not thanks to you either https://www.msn.com/en-xl/northamerica/top-stories/e-u-and-u-s-try-to-forge-closer-alliance-on-trade-and-tech-after-recent-discord/ar-AAOUV3I?ocid=msedgntp I took almost unlimited beating for the sake of relations improvement even between US and European states - not only Eastern and  Western Europe. I did this not you nor babies who claim these days are saving the world. 

From coming complain

What started with psychological abuse and blatant lies(via torture, false accusation, and all while drugged up) IN MY FACE infront of partisan memorials in Slovenia was intensified into greater and greater physical and psychological abuse that broadened through well video recorded statements of mine into bigger and bigger GLOBAL publicity(ever growing private audience) - global UNDERGROUND cause used TOGETHER FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE WORLD to label me unofficially as a neonazi designated for destruction/waste(basically sentenced to death through social sidelining procedures of which main tool is controlled world of employment)...UDBA humiliation, however, was short lived as I did alerted Western visitors who brought me to Slovenia inside of my own village in vicinity of Novo mesto on how Slovenian opposition made and arraignment with UDBA remnants to set them up and destroy them reputation wise internationally.

In 1995, one of the first visitors to Slovenia just so happened to be Don King(Mike Tyson's promoter) next to few other interesting fellows which signaled support for abuse from both sides of the ocean for the sake of the strong ties with Moscow whose main agenda was in line with Soviet extermination of remaining South African whites from newly established post Apartheid era Nelson Mandela's South African state. Those who cheered extermination of whites in South Africa involved Mr. Milan Kučan who in line with Mr. Lukashenko pushed forward such procedure very very vocally.

Upon my realizing in 1996 about coming sting setup, I warned during MK Ultra practice(therefore drugged up) German led Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish delegation about it right next door infront of the farm belonging to local police officer. After Westerners instead managed to set them up with sting operation of their own since Slovenes and other eastern Europeans have had also traveled alongside to South Africa, anger of eastern team exploded against me pointing finger at me as per my being Slovenian traitor. Life threatening me – assuring me through psychiatric personnel how my life is over with and I am just a dead walking man, physical and mental torture against me exploded even in nearest to Novo mesto towns. Yes, extremely vocal in support of extermination of remaining whites from South Africa Mr. Milan Kučan stated few idiotic phrases of this own when asked about it and yet worse was that sting operation which Slovenian side designed for their Western colleagues have fallen apart on multiple occasions leaving them empty handed and other side with huge catch in respect to human rights.

Incident which I despite warnings(Westerners screwed me up in return by divulging truth about how they got ahold of coming sting operation information) of police officer and my other friend neighbor to NOT REPEAT, I have relentlessly repeated again and again louder and louder straight into the faces of UDBA and Russo Serbian delegations which expected instead obedience – silence via fear. I felt cheated because Slovenia was supposedly independent state and second, I protested treatment of what appeared to me at the time even precious guests who whom I encouraged heavily to invest into Slovenia – in fact into eastern part of Europe where already few very successful stories in respect to industry salvation as was told by extremely pleased Czech politician Miloš Zeman as an example - took place. Škoda factory and few other companies were more than happy to modernize their facilities and as such continued to operate as competitive service providers in automotive manufacturing world.

My MK Ultra life then became even more hell.

Mentioned MK Ultra psychological abuse and world of blatant lies for the sake of the global UNDERGROUND cause against me as one was growing into with idea to label me unofficially(all via MK Ultra) as a neonazi designated for destruction/waste on both sides of the ocean was at first and totally in line with expectations from American black civil rights movement(movement well connected with South African post Apartheid state where Russian post Soviet union attitude also had its strong interests) under Bill Clinton's administration, however, designed mainly for eastern European audience – from my perspective, I felt threatened in 1995 far more by Vladimir Putin's KGB team during his unofficial visits paid to United States of America where he met his counterparts than when compared to black civil rights movement. However, with perhaps year differential in timing, growing violence from black civil rights MK Ultra participants was becoming more and more evident as troubling factor in my MK Ultra case and so in 1996 number of black participants with negative notion against me(racial anti white prejudice) increased to degree I started to develop rejection for them and in 1997 one spinned totally out of control. It was nothing but lie after lie into my face as was drugged up – violence followed and was encouraged on my surprise by their white buddies. I was new in all this as well as in new American homeland.

Timing wise when considering sting operation of more or less 1996 in Slovenia, good number of well publicly known black American personalities claimed against me racial prejudice during their MK Ultra torture. Two(of which first one was Mike Tyson) did relate to Milan Kučan's incident in Slovenia as a BIG MINUS FOR ME. They were absolutely connected(coordinated) to one another – it angered me deeper when considering seen from their side went on in Slovenia I cite, “what is it to you, you are the same white boys its not big deal to you common you can do it make exception”.

1996 Sting operation of Milan Kučan in Slovenia, however, had two extremely yielding outcomes for the West as whole. Next to one giving itself lead in respect to human rights issues when compared to eastern European views, American Bill Clinton's side felt sudden urge to approximate through heated debates to otherwise very different European views. As a result much closer cooperation commenced between the two.

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