Wednesday, September 15, 2021

IT WAS HIS JAILED FRIENDS I RECALLED WAS TOLD BY SEVERAL PEOPLE MIKE TYSON WOULD )))*REPEATEDLY*((( RETURN TO VISIT IN INDIANA PRISON: Mike Tyson was NOT liberated via my MK Ultra case from jail - it was Trump who used one with idea to as he referred to "evaluate one" and Tyson did yet another filthy job for no other than Bill Clinton

Going over facts, Mike Tyson was released from Jail on March in 1995 - when I still

worked board trans Atlantic ship. When paying visits to Indiana in 1995, however, weather was warm - sunny summer warm. Next to total MK Ultra scam with idea to confuse me on timing and to MAINLY cover up for Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson likely even rehearsed whatever US democrats used to bail him out under real circumstances - I 100% was not first MK Ultra victim and Tyson was forced to promote Donald Trump's hunger games in Poland in 1996 to pay back his dues to Donald Trump for prison rescue. Trump appears to have ran already MK Ultra game in US big time with not so innocent Mike Tyson(individual criminal as one can be).

Partially explained above(time wise almost entirely parallel with 1995 TORTURE INFRONT OF MEMORIALS DEDICATED TO SLOVENIAN WWII NATIONAL RESISTANCE PARTISAN MOVEMENT), with perhaps only two month apart(earlier) a heavy duty MK Ultra torture commenced in United States of America under Bill Clinton's administration. Drugged up upon first week of my arrival to Miami Florida in 1995, I was taken for a ride to North eastern part of USA throughout Georgia state to Maryland state on behalf of governor Parris N. Glendening – Georgian governor Zell Miller's involvement was as early as of governor Parris N. Glendening and the two were CERTAINLY one of the first to engage in MK Ultra procedures against me outside of the Florida state. The main MK Ultra location outside of the Florida, however, was New York City – Epstein's circle. Its something Parris N. Glendening had no clue whatsoever about OR WERE LYING EVEN ABOUT STATED HERE TO PROTECT BILL CLINTON FROM WHOM HE DIRECTLY TOOK ORDERS(I even caught Glendening conversing with Clinton on phone and remember well when Clinton gave him torture instructions procedure for my not following any longer MK Ultra torture compliance protocol). Input of wrong information to MK Ultra subject can be of crucial importance when considering amplitude of the case.

According to Parris N. Glendening of Maryland, my visitations to Maryland were used for strict MK Ultra mental health evaluations due what one claimed is potential for meeting in the future with president of United States Bill Clinton(very very close friend of Bill Clinton). Mr. Parris N. Glendening cited me safety reasons as a meeting's precondition priority and those therefore would depend on his impression obtained during MK Ultra procedures he ran. Visits to Maryland according to his account repeated on AT LEAST several more occasions before I was brought into vicinity of Bill Clinton's White House in Washington DC – he claimed me will take about 6 months to meet Clinton(increased from 3 months) after meeting one already. Visits to New York City became in meanwhile far more regular than what case was with Maryland. At times, US Government had me transported to complaining Glendening from up north where special circle involving Epstein, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew gained powerful momentum – New York was my MK Ultra home.

Whenever Bill Clinton had me transported into vicinity of White House in Washington DC., locations such as Woodrow Wilson House were used – Hillcrest Heights apartments and two/three Hill-crest Heights houses in area. Upon second overseas visitation in 1995 to Slovenia(West sensed potential for heavy profits through this case and yet best of the best developed for West in 1998 – relation to which Donald Trump refers to as WARP SPEED), and other parts of the world including South Africa, first initial financial bet$$ have fallen on a table...these bets INCREASINGLY(from few thousand Dollars just to get game going in 1995 to few tens of thousand of Dollars from US side in 1996 to 750+ million Euros in Zakopane city in 1998 from German side alone while United States bet into case increased in 2001/2002 to some 250 billion USD – 5.5 billion Euros infront of German spy building in Berlin in 2013 and so on and so on) promised for me to earn some money via MK Ultra procedures through my ability to identify development of housing structures in Washingtion DC's area. I had noooo idea how that would be done, but also no choice other than to verbally agree upon. Finally it didn't matter because show in which money becomes irrelevant went on per MUST. Prince Andrew orchestrated along Clinton and others real show(MK Ultra manipulation involving death threats) in respect to my case – he needed so for frequent overseas abductions as case as provocative as one was thanks to Russian KGB and remaining Slovenian UDBA(goal was to rebuild Serbian superstate known as Yugoslav federation) gained already. Clinton's ever-increasing terror shame blame game LOUDLY gestured through Federal Bureau of Investigation(Louis Freeh and increasingly William H. Webster) my possibly even disappear from picture for good, but in a very bad way for me. Its when Prince Andrew's money game was laid down on table and frequent MK Ultra overseas trips became a new AMERICAN reality. Miami New York(New York was first on what Chicago was also used) Canada Canada Britain flights destinations as first which changed into Miami Canada – Canada Britain flights, and what turned into Miami Britain, and then into Miami Amsterdam flights, Miami Frankfurt flights etc – upon which redistribution to other European destination would take you see progressively eroding legal barriers exampling airport bosses and state officials to see through fingers because same is done elsewhere...

American gangster and latter president of US, Donald Trump, got me through Mike Tyson's involvement against me into fake prison rescue mission of Mike Tyson who was released from prison on March of 1995 - THIS VERY ISSUE HUNTED ME AS THE LAST ON THE ROW OF CRIME MIKE TYSON COMMITED AGAINST ME THROUGHT HIS CRIMINAL 27 YEAR PERIOD(dude was obsessed to get me on very wrong paths which led even into marijuana sales and farming) AND HAS SEVERELY TARNISHED MY REPUTATION EVEN DURING WRITING OF THIS COMPLAIN(Tyson was used to discredit me via mountain of gimmicks - used to depict me as incredible – used to discredit me in eyes of public and investigators and I wouldn't realize about above if not for TIMING information on internet).

Tyson's cluster of lies involved in his jail rescue mission scams repeated over the years his promoter Mr. Don King's(promoter of Mike Tyson) visit to Slovenia also in 1995 – one of the earliest to my knowledge, however, people from USA as was told on the side when brought to Slovenia ALSO visited Slovenian Novo mesto city during my absence. Visit during which Don King threatened me at Trska Gora hill will get me destroyed for whatever costs as I declined to bend down mentally infront of one and Tyson back in USA(I understand Tyson came to Slovenia for the first time in 1996) – I considered MK Ultra procedure as ultimate insult to my human dignity and was atop of controversial Don King/Mike Tyson's demands in boxing sport myself prior to departure to USA.

I REFUSED time and again to see the two in any superior way, when compared to myself and ”WHITES” as the two referred to their issues as....issues the two repeatedly demanded from me for me TO SEE REALITY AS THROUGH MK ULTRA BRAINWASH IMMEDIATELY UPON MEETING TWO IN 1995. It was war on initial contact with the two as I continued to stood tall drugged up straight into their faces.

Back in US, Mike Tyson became obsessed with me even through involvement of what he and others claimed was his daughter out of wedlock and whom he promised me for marriage(something that appealed to me initially and I gave to one clear YES – I mind was already calculating on phone call I would make home to Slovenia about my black bride in USA), but have used female only to hurt emotionally according to his own account once she settled for husband in 1999 with goal to destroy me mentally via depression issues – I gained enormous weight during MK Ultra sessions due to mental cluster and drugs which would kill will for life. Tyson had a lot to do with it.

Meaning that mainly US Democrats at the time were in bed with Russians allowing them meddling into external American world of affairs at home and abroad and due to what finally became evident as Western needs on Mideast and in Africa, Russian cooperation with American Republican party was finally pushed INDEFINITELY forward through extreme agreement – 1999, I believe, became a point forward and for some nations point of no return.

Fake Bill Clinton's rescue missions of Mike Tyson via MK Ultra in 1995 from Indiana prison system commenced in which Mike Tyson played inmate inside of the Indiana jail via governor Evan Bayh and his good hearted wife Susan Bayh. Susan Bayh who embraced me more than any involvee concerning MK Ultra in the case of Indiana state, suspiciously passed away in 2021.

Mike Tyson to whom I would pay visitations to with either unmarried Mike Tyson's female partner or possibly his closest female relative and who also had as his daughter out of wedlock(whom I was promised as wife in a form of reward for liberating Tyson from jail according to his brainwash) at times along was visiting ONLY AS WAS TOLD BY INDIANA OBSERVANTS OF MK ULTRA SCAM MIKE TYSON'S JAILED FRIENDS in whom Mike just departed from once released from jail – either way I became tired of insane jail visits – crazy mind game engaged forcefully in by none other than criminal on what I was accused by here seen female as racist – Mike Tyson shortly joined her in claims against me, so LIES MATTER MOVEMENT IN THE NAME OF THE HUIMAN RIGHTS COULD GO ON.

Mike Tyson's bailout from jail according to several scammers and as planned by American democrats required into my involvement under MK Ultra circumstances the possibility of having also Republican political party members engage in criminal activities against me was interpretated to see Bill Clinton's “Mike Tyson rescue” case as – crime on foreign sovereign soil via republican party members as well as foreign governments yeah - but lie was extremely credible till yesterday when I learned all about timing.

From today's perspective, it clearly appears whole thing was ran entirely by American democratic party. Individual who gained higher US Government access(status from within) in 1995 and who engaged often times over course of the next two decades in very friendly exchange with Vladimir Putin right infront of me was no other than democrat Joe Biden. 1995 Indiana governor Mr. Evan Bayh became involved along his good hearted wife Susan Bayh.

1995 Russo Serbian torture procedure infront of memorials dedicated to Slovenian WWII national resistance was nothing more than coordinated Russo Serbian American democratic party partnership initiated against me on day 1 of MK Ultra in United States of America alone during 1995 or if you like rehearsal of attempt to immigrate to Austria 2 years prior to departure to US in 1993....extremely strong political trend in USA and in Slovenia(Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor's bow killing via arrow of Slovenian director in Ljubljana during 1996 who was involved in MK Ultra and had light facial hair features confirms stated here as a fact) dictated in year 1995 continuation of Nelson Mandela's politic which marked end of Apartheid era in South Africa in 1994. Politic which mercielsy went on for another 3 years I estimate during which atrocious lousy politic of Bill Clinton somehow escaped out of his hands upon my visitation to South African white squatter camp where brought and during which ANC fuhrers Zuma Malema begun to rush me information on how I am not to waste time much with them as they must to go – told was not brought to South Africa to finance whites, but instead to become South African royal for $$$$ in return - I suppose black royal since South African king Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini whom I was brought repeatedly was also involved in case...I cite, “we don't bring you here for them my vriend or this or you must go”. In Slovenia in mean while(simultaneous), people were ready to commence war against mentioned UDBA controllers about which intentiones memorials dedicated even to home-guards(nazi collaborators) witness. People had very much enough of it and it appears so, on all the continents – while technology of lies went on unobstructed, under the surface of one a republican politic begun to form itself with new old old new Russian, like it or not, ties. This despite what appeared on surface was still Nelson Mandela's politic which never ever existed in reality itself. South African racist incidents which repeatedly took place in white squatter camps(turned into white concentration camps) where brought were mostly video and audio recorded beginning already in 1996. Something about which Mr. Barack Obama, Dwayne Johnson, Kamala Harris, and other LIES MATTER elite affiliated with South Africa had NOOOO clue whatsoever. Mike Tyson's 1998/1999 mental game with me involving his daughter out of wedlock which he attempted to even replace with older Hispanic household cleaning lady(for my refusing to have relationship with one I was again branded as racist) did very very little for what he claimed was all along(was sinking next to others with speed of light without realizing what truly went on).

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