Sunday, September 19, 2021

Finally, forcing me back to Slovenia via unemployment in 2006 after Lukashenko's beating in 2002(perhaps even in 2003) was clearly a death sentence for me

This is not how you treat #1 without whom you would still be on location known as nowhere. Unless off course, you want to get read of one for good. I wouldn't even get into 2009 situation or what led into hospitalization in Slovenia during 2011. 

Mark's problem from my point of view was only he looked like Trump. 

In 1995, 1996 and probably to 2000, of all females in royal circle, I was interested probably the most in Anne Phillips - just to be trashed time and again. Just for Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia to be trashed for the sake of Russia. Nope, your global plans had nothing to do with who you truly are. Eastern European Lukashenkos and Putins or Xi Jinpings love nothing more than to stick $$$ on the side in their private pockets. Its just what you believe is in your pocket is worth nothing. 

Its how Taiwan(just as the case was with Crimea, Donetsk) will go too as soon as you get wanted. Making an ally with you is a 100% loss game.

Yeah, I am the one who spent drugged up in their closets circles for no less than 23 years.

You have NO class whatsoever - knife in the back(you move forward exploiting people and nations' trust while paying back with betrayal with knife in the back of those) is what you are. Trash. I could get more out of junk on junkyard than what I gut in return from you all. I want world to read this and understand well.

ps. You are noooo f**** good. And embarrassment in 2011 prior to official engagement was your last one where I wanted to be concerning your family circles. What did you kept on bring me back to your insane circles for anyways other than sham !!??? I want world to read this and understand well.

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