Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A whole bunch of them as soon as father/mather or neighbors(they called others to get it done too if opportunity opened) would get me drugged up

 would drive to this gated property and then it was a beatings time. Threats, intimidation...one individual would read whatever I wrote in English infront of me to my father loudly translated to Slovenian language, this https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/09/i-demand-this-individual-to-be-arrested.html dude would act aground me to "calm"(control me and steer attention away) me while father would randomly approach from rear and jab me in my kidneys from behind so I wouldn't get him - I cite, Lambert Pate, "why so angry Savo why so angry"....psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje participated at times - Bojan Zalar, Vinko...Zoran Mudza, Peter Kapš...neighbors claimed me will never give them in - Alenka Berger stated due to ammount of torture her husband dedicated himself to I cite, "Miro doesn't sleep anymore I fear for his health". Will see about that.

23 YEARS OF HAPPY TIMES - A GOLDEN AGE OF TORTURE(OVERKILL - HAZING) FOR WHICH VICTIM PAID FOR IT ALL TO THOSE WHO TORTURED !!! Seen car belonged to ministry of interior which individual would often times also transport me to various locations all over Slovenia, but there were other dudes who also did just that. I thank self identified seller for this and investigator involved who ensured I would somehow get ahold of this precious proof. I would drive upon end of the day to garage of interior ministry where car would be left. Can describe everything.

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