Friday, September 24, 2021

I was not born in Poland or in USA of which citizen I am and which assisted along Czech republic and Slovakia(Slovakia boasted about Russo Serbian cooperation and signaled on how my asylum application will end there far in advance of what became 2018) my native Slovenia in ethnic extermination against me - Kaliningrad #2

 Nobody had more problems with EU than Poland which everything with exception of free EU founds bothered her. It doesn't matter whether its Germans or Americans or Russians that press radiation button as was told case will be - its in Slovenia I fought for my entire life and which at this point I do not recognize as either independent country nor as a nation. Germans insisted BY OBSERVING ME 24/7 USING FOOD AS NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANT would have to reduce my eating habits via extreme stress or simply die as amount of problems they will pile on me  with exceed needs of 50 elephants. 


German trash Peter Thiel who begun to even dress as Russian Alexei Navalny(to get Russian attention), I picked myself - these two as Merkel stated would serve as my backup units - front line support. Front line support used to murder front line from the rear if I correct Merkel.

I was told will sleep inside of the cave under our parcel in Novo mesto, but nowhere else - that goes in line with insane Serbian cave hermit Petrovic from town of Pirot. Slovenia as a state as a nation needs to go - serves no purpose as state or as nation and is as such a threat to humanity(not only as a threat to natives who classify as Slovenes, but to us as human beings) !!! Matters to me not if CIA and KGB turned my room in parents' house into Guantanamo alike torture cell - it was in country where I was born where I pledged to give life for its independence in 1991 so this country/nation NEEDS TO GO !!! No national pride no solidarity with fellow human beings NEEDS TO BE ERASED FROM THE MAP OF NATIONS !!! NEEDS TO GO !!!

Its year 2011 all over again !!!

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