Sunday, September 19, 2021

Trump associated himself with Mark Phillips after his staff observed me associating Mark mistakenly with Trump and he did

took advantage to expand problems against me what appealed Mark Phillips enough to even confront me(humiliated me). It was mistake he was warned about way to late about as I would never ever let him get away with it. Thats how you quickly and for good landed on my "never again point of no return MK Ultra" list.

I am clarifying it for Zara and Peter. Father, otherwise, is a fine man. Good person, but I had a short fuse in respect to any royal "flies"(special behavioral habits that some regarded as wav ohh yeah sensational). Because I was the one on the front line - I walked as Bush expressed himself IN A SHADOW OF THE DEATH FOR 23 YEARS so they could pride themselves with accomplishments. What any of them or politicians for that matter believed will be seen in my eyes due to his title and clothing as special if it did concerning my dignity, ended as illusion in his/her eyes. Related to

Myself in respect to contribution to Europe as far as geopolitical development/trade hysterically.


Then rating 9 comes


Then rating 8 comes


Then rating 7 comes


Then rating 6 comes


Then rating 5 comes -  Merkel,, queen Elisabeth and other European royals including nonsense Norwegians and Swedes


and so on and these are hard core facts.

Ratings such as 9, 8, 7, 6 I will leave to other historical figures of Europe and US...have a great day.

ps. I really don't care what you manage to produce out out any longer after-all - what is TRUST(its when you subject yourself drugged up to death limitlessly so you can get knifed back in return hahahaha - trust is rolling under every table) anyways heh !!????? 


And who the dog is as was told to seem myself under MK Ultra(news also that will signal thumbs down on my case to others involved) !!???? WHO IS THE DOG !!????

I don't remember myself as being a dog.

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