Saturday, September 18, 2021

Google very much synchronized with Buckingham palace scammers timing wise

Video can be also seen at
thieves who call themselves as royals have no respect for work. They pride themselves with opportunistic stealing - theft. Are much much harder brought in-front of justice than common thieves(criminals), but whose crimes are much heavier burden to society as human characters/ good will/ friendships, and most of all human TRUST suffer in process when dealing with them.

Perhaps you would love to think he didn't know what went on because of as explained above. In my opinion, however, he knew exactly what went on with what you have proven him at the end as HIS WRONG believes(he ended as idiot who sacrificed his life for you and a traitor of own people - classic)Man who does stuff like this often knows better than those with belief of "using one as tool"(even architects who act based on observation) and expects from one to keep silent about it, but off course your kind, once work is completed regardless of one's sacrifice, knows best.

You are always better, smarter etc...and even save money(carbon monoxide pollution) this way - its truth. 

@The British Guardian - Extremely derogatory racist hateful article bye the way, but then again at least he existed in your world eh...
Nothing but bravery.

And very "normal" and it is so because of good genes as Donald Trump would state and have stated for himself.

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