Thursday, September 23, 2021

My sister(whose daughter and her husband insisted me under MK Ultra should throw myself over the bridge to liberate myself from brain implants - at the tip of persecution) also made sure to prepare at the night of extreme attack by dumping over cream cheese cakes

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Cream cheese cakes go along donuts very deliciously along insisted me like insane about cream cheese since my return yesterday evening and again this morning :))) golden mamma. 

Shit for service . These people also brainwashed me at the same time I shouldn't eat sweat as is very bad for health and causes diabetes problems, but what does TOXIC stands for !!????

Angela Merkel claimed niece Urska Golob is husband Mitja Veber(Weber) will get job in Germany - is precious electronic worth saving life - we will see about that 

Criminally insane.

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