Thursday, September 23, 2021

Norway pledged me in 1997

2 billion Dollars for this MK Ultra project if I would manage to prove one.

Norway handled this case entirely up to 1998 as far as $$$ and potential matrimony(Britain was used as a main transporter to Europe), but one became far to lucrative important for Germany and Britain. Fight broke out between Sweden, Norway and Great Britain(Swedish and Norwegian royals pledged retaliation against London for London's thief/mischief tactics used against me and them) in respect to this case in 1998 for the sake of ownership of one and EVERYTHING went down the hellhole for me since.

@Harald V of Norway, Haakon/ Carl XVI Gustaf in case you are still up for retaliation for problems LONDON AND BERLIN CREATED YOU - give me hand and smoke from their oil(LIES) will suffocate London and Berlin. I will retaliate you. They will pay

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