Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The number ONE man behind BLACK crime against me(became a crime spree sponsor of one since 2002), however, was prince Charles and Company

 He along Vladimir Putin terrorized me on how I am unwilling to commit myself to Russian or eastern European intermarriage due to my being a nazi - Charlie became wise(Andrew always was street smart). Then he(Charles was always INSANE weak Russian tool ready to betray - sell) used opportunity for my declining Russian females to insist on my marrying models like Naomi Campbell, and other royal made black British stars - used Hollywood and rapers to engage in beatings against me and eventually got Harry in there through one cause that united them all - hatred against me. Proceeded to push forward Wendi Deng Murdoch and played Chinese card against me as my being racist not to marry Chinese ;) whomever I was unwilling to marry, he pointed against me as per my being racist. 

acts of genocide - extermination plan for the sake of imperialism. Crimea, Donetsk, Bosnia, Croatia GOT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH BRITISH ROYALS.

The one who cooked this hatred against me was Mr. Kaczynski in 1995 due to two Norwegian females(two psychologists) motivated in marriage with me - Poland protested first :))))


British royals committed at least 1000 counts of attempted rape in my case next to other forms of torture. Rape crime, however, was at large supported by United Nations(Antonio Gutierrez first interested in $$$ went from $$$ into opposite direction of what are known as human rights - involved since 1995 with his entire family) and so we went from one country to another for nothing other than beatings and death threats - regardless where, however, people somehow gained sympathy for me.

Vladimir Putin and his wife Ludmila just like Antonio Gutierrez became all about human  rights since 2002/2003 - everything changed somehow....why !!?????

British hooliganism is at the top of the British state.

Will have detailed video about imperialist MK Ultra scams coming as next but all in all these are firms 


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