Monday, September 27, 2021

Father chops brand new watch belt(band) and same day as one attempted to break computer by leaning himself on one during drive

Video can be also seen at 

He chops everything one can gets a hold of leaving behind nothing but repair replacement. From shoes to watch bands. He just as was audio recorded attempting to break inside of the room at 6am today also attempted to break me laptop when seating in the rear seat on passenger side - he leaned his entire body against backpack where laptop was on drivers side as if one was body rest - also caught one. After breaking things he mocks destruction by making interesting  comments and requests - there is nothing wrong with his watch band either as one also is brand new(I gave him three new watch bands withing just few months after he broke deliberately expensive watch in his room by smashing one against drawer - I got video recorded him and each belt I gave him could last me two or perhaps more years).

I sure could loose watch easily if one wouldn't fall of my hand just now - I sure knew something is very very wrong. Watch is month(if) old.

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