Tuesday, September 28, 2021

LAMBERT PATE: I demand this individual to be arrested based on physical violence he and few other fathers' friends along father performed in home settings

Finally, criminal called along STATE PROSECUTOR BOJAN AVBAR(police, ministry of the Interior, and politicians off course) for lies to be brought against me via father based on which I was hospitalized in 2011 and tortured.

This criminal was involved in case against me since 1995 and was one of the key figures in one. 

Is off course great fishing and hunting a real "family" friend. 

Mom stated repeatedly "family friends" don't come anymore because of me. Well they did and father didn't manage to break inside of the room yesterday either, so they will have to wait a little longer for perhaps blue lights at their front yards to give them a ride. Just a little more.

Mr. Pate was paranious about his crimes that one demanded my father's OLD personal book with telephone numbers stored to be confiscated - taken away from one as according to him when he panicked inside of this household everything was / is inside on there.

Bojan Avbar was one of the people accusing me of crimes in 2011(I have spoken about him already) and is father's hunting buddy.

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