Sunday, September 26, 2021

AUDIO RECORDING OF MILAN KUČAN(or at least my warning to you guys about Slovenian opposition on behalf of UDBA attempt to set you up) CALLING ON GENOCIDE OF WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA WANTED: I was told under MK Ultra to take photo of where I warned Westerners about coming setup in 1996

Its was right in-front of the barn next door - I was probably observed by two local guys(grew up with them and I knew what case will be) of which one was/is police officer and am certain also was audio recorded. Audio recording of my warning Merkel who walked next to a Dutch female(now age 60 more or less and lives not far from German border with beautiful view to distance) and Norwegian/Swedish girls exists as even Aleksandar Vucic warned me about it as per how do they treat you for giving them basically world on the plate and if they treat you like this how would they treat us etc. Putin, Lukashenko all came to same conclusions, so I know audio recording exists. Year probably was 1996 not 1995 

@Merkel - I have to find out who Dutch girl was - you had me in her place next to her husband in Netherlands(probably Amsterdam - MK Ultra took place all over Holland). She has a small but pleasant place with excellent view to distance. Told me will place one also on internet for me to find her. This lady was a life saver for me - she didn't count much in circles of blah blah dudes, but for me in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 was almost everything - she listened and I always found concerns for me in her - is very very unique. I don't know if I would make it without her into deeper MK Ultra stuff as I started to develop based on above deepest doubts about you all. She has a shorter hair and is classic Dutch face. You had me there probably even in 2017 if not in 2015. There is a plain field infront of their little house and they build apartment complex near..nice view into distance. Perhaps even Arnhem ?

To get guy like this even audio recorded calling for wipe out of whites in South Africa , now that is priceless and they got him on multiple occasions as a result of above.

These two guys who also complained to me in the face afterwards are not guilty of anything as I knew very well what I was doing and what cost for my "betrayal"(chetniks from Belgrade city used to come to collect envelops with cash into Slovenian companies only in what should have been independent Slovenia back then already and our factories wouldn't even exist without this MK Ultra case due to modernization which became accessible in ever increasing more and more competitive market - market not even accessible to them back then) will most likely be. Well it was worse and the worst part was that it was supported against me even from West afterwards. Its questionable what would happen to the two if the two wouldn't report incident to others...perhaps even worse. 

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